The final run into Christchurch

NZ warm down – day 18 Lincoln to Christchurch 30km, 70m ascent So the final day was here!  I just had a short ride into the centre of Christchurch and that marked the end of the trip!  Bev, my warmshowers host, kindly rode out of Lincoln with me to make sure I headed off in […]

The toughest day of the trip…Fact!

NZ warm down – day 16 Little River to Akoroa (via the Summit Road) 53km, 1,250m ascent Today was always going to be quite a tough ride.  I’d seen the profiles (they looked steep) and spent last night camped at the bottom of the hill (it looked steep)!  The ride would take me up onto […]

Favourable winds!

NZ warm down – day 14 Mt Somers to Rakaia 87km, 450m ascent After yesterday’s long, flat and very straight roads, I didn’t set out with high expectations for today’s route.  I was fully expecting more of the same and was just hoping for a tail wind! The first 35km were exactly like yesterday, only […]

An enforced semi-rest day

NZ warm down – day 12 Tekapo to Fairlie 45km, 160m ascent I thought it wise to get the DIY dressed cut on my leg looked at by someone more qualified than me!  To the untrained eye dirty oil and dried blood are kind of the same colour, so I wasn’t sure how clean it […]