Hiding from headwinds!

Thursday 31st December Day 13: Vale do Jorge to Aviero 67km; 110m ascent The rain hammered on the tent most of last night, but luckily just as it was time to get up, it stopped! At least we were able to pack up and set off in the dry! Thereafter the day switched repeatedly between […]

Admiring stormy seas!

Monday 28th December Day 10: Ribamar to Ferrel 71km; 800m ascent With a big distance to cover and a lot of up and downs expected, we made a good start from Ribamar. We could have cut the distance down by cutting the corner off and heading directly to Ferrel, but we suspected the little peninsula […]

A day of Portuguese passes!

Sunday 27th December Day 9: Guincho to Ribamar 50km; 870m ascent We could see what was looming ahead on the route – some long climbs to get over the headland north of Cascais – and so we decided to make a early start! I’d booked some accommodation for tonight, and we thought we had about […]

Christmas Day climbing!

Friday 25th December Day 7: Setbutal to Alfarim 58km; 680m ascent We had a lazy start to the day in our little abode in Setubal, doing Christmas calls with family and eating a big Christmas breakfast! It was 1030 by the time we were ready to head off, so we didn’t have any big ambitions […]

A flat run north!

Wednesday 23rd December Day 5: Zambujeira do Mar to Sines 78km; 430m ascent The Mechanic woke up feeling a little better with his man-flu symptoms, although he also has a sore eye (something stuck in it maybe??) and wanted to stop at an opticians today to get it checked out. I managed to locate one […]

Checking out the West coast

Tuesday 22nd December Day 4: Carrapateira to Zambujeira do Mer 67km; 635m ascent The day started with a great sunrise behind the tent! Once the sun was fully up, breakfast was consumed and we were packed (takes ages!), we followed the track around the rest of the Carrapateira headland. It was really stunning. We’d chosen […]