An enforced semi-rest day

Where in the world?

NZ warm down – day 12

Tekapo to Fairlie

45km, 160m ascent

I thought it wise to get my diy dressed cut on my leg looked at by someone more qualified than me! To the untrained eye dirty oil and dried blood are kind of the same colour, so I wasn’t sure how clean it really was! Luckily the nearest medical centre was on my planned route, so I just had to pedal 45km to get it checked!

I headed out of Tekapo past the famous Church of the Good Shepherd. Even though I was there early (all good cycle tourists start their days early!) there were already numerous Chinese tourists avidly photographing the area! I took a quick look and kept pedalling!

Between me and Fairlie was the Burkes Pass, but unlike the previous passes I’ve been over, this one did not have too much of an ‘up’. I never even changed down off my large front cog! I covered the 20km to the pass in less than an hour – just showing how flat it was!

Along the way there were nice views back to Lake Tekapo

And also views up to the mountains with lots of lupins on show. They smelt nice!

Once over the pass the scenery became more mountainous again and here were some great gradual descents, suiting my cautious descending skills!

I stopped briefly in the Burkes Pass village, which had loads of old buildings that had been restored and a great little heritage trail. The village used to be the gateway to the McKenzie country where sheep were grazed. It looked more dairy-fied now to me, like a lot of the country.

More speedy downhills and flats soon led me into Fairlie, quite a big town by kiwi standards! I located the medical centre and within 10 mins had seen a doc and had the hole in my leg cleaned and redressed by a nurse. What amazing service! And all for $40! How come you don’t have to wait 3 days for an appointment here?!?

Docs orders were to reapply some antiseptic eye cream three times a day (yes eye cream, but apparently good for elsewhere too!) and also to rest until tomorrow to see if it’s infected. So that was the end of my pedalling for the day. I think it’s fine, but I thought I had better do what I was told! Hopefully tomorrow it’s no sorer and I can get moving again!

I found a lovely little campground round the corner, dried the tent and put my feet up! The campground owner even loans free towels to all cyclists who stay. What a nice touch!

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