The long climb out of the caldera!

Where in the world?

NZ warm down – day 17

Akaroa to Lincoln

68km, 775m ascent

It was a bit chilly when I crawled out on the tent and distinctly overcast. A bit of a dismal start to the day really! However, in a way I was glad because, having cycled to the bottom of the caldera and Akaroa yesterday, I now had to cycle back up and out again. I knew what was coming and was glad it wasn’t hot and sunny!

Before the big ascent up to the crater rim and back to Little River, I first had to tackle the mini hills around the coast that I had put off from yesterday. I was glad I tackled them with fresh legs! They were short but steep and provided a nice warm up before the main ascent! There was time for a few misty looking photos of the bays along the way.

Just before the start of the large climb I came across Barry Bay cheese factory and had to call in to see what they had! I acquired a few small off cut bits for my lunch! I could put off to climb no longer! It was a long 6km up but I think in the end it was a bit easier than the way up yesterday. As I approached the summit it started to rain. By the end of the decent I was pretty wet and cold!

After a cappuccino to warm up, I followed the flat Little River rail trail back the way I’d come a couple of days ago and onwards to Lincoln. Flat and traffic free riding – it was great. I didn’t mind the slight blandness of it!

The sun even started to come out and the rain disappeared! Parts were quite picturesque.

I arrived in Lincoln with time for a quick coffee before heading to find my warmshowers host for the night. Bev and Ross were very easy going and great to meet and we spent the evening discussing good places to cycle and travel in general.

And so the end is near! Tomorrow I just have a few kilometres to ride on the rail trail into Christchurch, a bit of exploring in the city and then the trip (and all the hard work cycling) is nearly over!

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